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How to Make Your Condo Roof Last

How to Make Your Condo Roof Last

When it comes to the weather, your roof is the first line of defence. It protects against the elements – sun, snow, ice and rain. Knowing how to properly maintain a roof is essential to maintaining a condo and ensuring that residents remain safe and free from issues such as leaks and mould. It is always better to be able to identify any issues before they become a problem, so knowing what to look for in terms of roof maintenance and roof replacement is essential.

We’ve highlighted three key things you should do regularly in terms of roof maintenance, so you can make your condo roof last as long as possible.

Man conducting roof inspection

How Often Should Roofs Be Replaced: Invest in Regular Roof Inspections

Keeping your condo roof in good shape should be a top priority, as with the right care and maintenance, roofs can provide protection for 25 to 30 years. One of the easiest ways to maintain a condo roof is by having it regularly inspected. The best times to conduct these inspections are during the Spring and Fall, making it easy to identify problems such as clogged drains or damaged shingles.

It is always best to have a professional conduct a roof inspection, as they will be able to easily identify any issues and will have the expertise to provide a proper idea of what repairs need to take place.

Maintain Trees on the Property

Trees may not be the first thought that comes to mind when considering roof maintenance, but they are a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. While most condo buildings are tall enough that there is no need to worry about branches falling onto a roof, tree branches still can cause damage should they break off during a windstorm and get tossed around.

Looking at the trees on your property and surrounding a condo building and properly maintaining them can be a great help in your overall roof maintenance. Check trees regularly for any branches that might be dead and at risk of snapping off and remove them before they have the chance to become a bigger issue.

Condo roof gutters

Clean the Gutters & Rooftop Regularly

Cleaning gutters is never an enjoyable task, but it is an important one. Properly functioning gutters are key to ensuring that stormwater doesn’t find its way indoors. While they typically don’t require much maintenance to keep them in good working condition, gutters that fill with leaves and other debris can clog the downspouts, in turn causing water to run over the top of the gutter to the ground below.

Along with cleaning gutters out regularly, it is also important to clean the rooftop of a condo building. Leaves and other debris can get stuck in pitches of the roofline, which can, in turn, work their way into the gutters, preventing water from draining properly. If roofs and gutters aren’t cleared of this debris, it can cause leaks both in the roof and in the foundation of the building from water spilling over and pooling on the ground.

Regular roof maintenance is essential to not only the longevity of a condo roof but also the comfort and safety of the condo’s residents. If you’re ever unsure of the condition of a condo’s roof, it can be beneficial to speak with a professional roofing company to get their advice.



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