Residential Roofing

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TOMTAR focuses on large-scale, custom or high-end residential roofing projects throughout Kelowna and the BC Interior. Our skilled tradesmen are able to bring your vision to life.

While our focus is on the above, we are happy to and do, and complete an assortment of residential projects, from cedar shake conversions to metal roofs. With re-roofing and new construction, we can source or manufacture nearly any product to suit your vision. During our peak season it can be difficult to address certain projects due to our workload, but are more than happy to schedule your project in or provide advice. See our commitment to quality.

Tiles and Shingles

TOMTAR is a reliable source for all types of tile roofs including slate tile, natural, synthetic and metal, concrete, clay and metal tiles as well as all types and brands of shingles, including asphalt, laminate and fiberglass shingles.

Reputation of the Roofing Industry

Nothing rings more true than the quote “you get what you pay for” when it comes to residential roofing.

The reputation of the roofing industry to the general public varies greatly due to some less than professional practices of the fly-by-night or tailgaters of the roofing industry. Your roof is one of the most important investments you will make other than the house itself as it is the only physical protection for your entire investment.

The workers compensation board (WCB) has released a statement regarding roofing contractors to help protect the general public.

  • Worksafe Bulletin

For Mike Holmes, Canada’s king of quality, it always starts with the roof.

Always get bids from reputable companies who have been in business for an extended period in time, as all too often when there is an issue with your roof, the company no longer exists. Doing some research and hiring a reputable and quality roofing contractor will save far more money in the long run verses blindly taking the low bid.

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