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How Do Roof Repairs Get Done For Townhouse Roofs?

How Do Roof Repairs Get Done For Townhouse Roofs?

Not a condo, but not quite a detached house, rules around townhouses can get unclear when it comes to repairs and maintenance. One of the most common misconceptions surrounds that of townhouse roof repairs. Because townhouses generally have at least 2 people under the same roof, it can be confusing if the landlord, strata, Homeowners Association (HOA), or even if your neighbour are involved in the repair process or are completely responsible for any repairs or replacements that need to be made.

Below, we break down how townhouse roof repairs or replacements are done depending on specific situations.

Townhouse after roof repair

If The Townhouse Has an HOA for It, They May Be Responsible for Any Townhouse Roof Repairs

Like condos, many townhome complexes have equivalent co-operative organizations known as HOA’s. These organizations require fees to be a part of them but in return are usually responsible for tasks like landscaping, snow removal, and other maintenance.

That being said, specific maintenance tasks may not be covered or fully covered through being a part of an HOA. It’s important to look into your specific agreement as to what is actually covered by them and what would be covered by you. For instance, roof repairs may be covered, but property damage like smashed windows might not be.

Townhouse Roof Repairs Need to Be Handled by the Landlord for Rented Townhomes

As with most homes that are rented, repairs and maintenance are generally up to the landlord to fix. This is also the case with townhomes. If any roof repairs or replacements need to be made, it’s up to the landlord to get them done.

However, if the damage was caused by the tenants (like they were checking on the gutters of the roof and damaged the roof in some way) they would be the ones responsible for the repair. Although, the process to rectify this typically involves the landlord paying for the repairs and then seeking repayment from the tenants.

New townhouse with new roof

How Townhouse Roof Maintenance Is Handled for Individually-Owned Homes

For people that own their townhouse and their neighbours own their townhouse, but the issues with the roof span over both of your homes, what happens then?

The solution for this and identifying responsibility, in this case, isn’t as simple as the ones above. In this situation, you’re responsible for your own roof repairs and/or replacement. Additionally, if the roof damage extends from your roof property to theirs, you could also be on the hook for repair expenses. The opposite is also true for your neighbours.

If it so happens that the entire roof needs to be replaced, the costs may be split between yourself and your neighbours. It’s also best to not replace the roof in their part and your part so that the entire roof is seamless when it comes to the roofing material chosen and doesn’t cause any future weather damage down the road.

Townhouse roof repairs can be tricky to handle and understand where the responsibility lies. If you’re ever unsure, it can be helpful to talk to a professional roofing company to get their advice.



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