Metal Roofing


There are countless varieties of metal roofing profiles that
fall into two main categories: hidden fasteners and exposed fasteners.

Hidden fasteners are typically standing seam style panels, more visually streamlined and more suited for roofing applications than exposed fasteners.

Exposed fastener systems are typically a cladding style of panel that rely on neoprene washers on the fastening screws to remain watertight. These types of roofs are more economical.

Metal Tiles

tomtar-copper-roof-mission-hill-winery-okanagan-2Metal tiles come in a wide array of styles and finishes from preformed and prefinished tiles to mimic the look of clay and concrete tile, to the prestige of custom made exotic metal tiles such as zinc or copper.

Owners looking to upgrade from shingles but want to retain their aesthetics or are unable to add the extra weight of clay or concrete tile should consider this option.

Standing Seam Roofs

Made with hidden fasteners, standing seam roofs are visually streamlined and more suited for roofing applications than exposed fasteners. Using the in-house sheet metal shop, TOMTAR fabricates standing seam metal roofs using a hidden mechanical lock fastener system, using clips and seam crimping for installation.

Roofing with hidden snap-lock fasteners is also available, using built-in fastening tabs and compression fit.

Pre-Insulated Standing Seam Roofs

A high R-value option is a pre-insulated standing seam metal roof. Consisting of a polyisocyanurate core sandwiched between two pre-painted galvanized steel sheets, this high-strength roof has a built-in seal at every joint creating a built-in vapour barrier. The ability to span purlins on pre- fabricated steel structures allows for the elimination of the unsightly, and inefficient “bag and sag” insulation and vapour barrier. A pre-insulated metal roof offers tremendous value in a longer lasting and more visually pleasing package.

Cladding Style Metal Roofs

Generally more economical, metal roofs with exposed fasteners are typically a cladding style of panel that rely on neoprene washers on the fastening screws to remain watertight. Cladding style metal roofs offer:

  • fast installation
  • large sheets suitable for barns, sheds and cabins.