Wall Systems


(ACM) Aluminum Composite Materials

TOMTAR is only ACM panel manufacturer between Vancouver and Calgary. Our state of the art CNC table router is capable of 5’ wide by 16’ long panels.

ACM panels sometimes known as their material brand names (Alucobond, Rynobond, Alpolic) consist of aluminum sheets sandwiching a composite thermoplastic core. ACM panels provide a lightweight and colour consistent alternative to metal plate panels. These panels provide superior “flatness” to other products and come in a rainbow of colours including custom colours and exotic metals.

TOMTAR’s Sheet Metal Shop has the capability to produce panels in house at in a fraction of the regular lead-time.

TOMTAR is the Canadian Manufacture/Distributor/Installer for SAF Systems.

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Fiber Cement/Phenolic Panels

Phenolic panels are a commercial and institutional version of the residential product commonly known as Hardie board. These high density panels are made of extremely durable materials and can be applied using exposed fasteners or hidden fasteners. A wide variety of colours and finishes are available to meet your specification.

Metal Plate Panels

Solid metal panels can be varying thickness depending on the application. Typical metals used are aluminum, cold-rolled, hot-rolled and copper. (Click to zoom images)

cladding-wall-tomtar-roofing Metal Plate Panels Metal Plates

Pre-formed Insulated Panels

insulated-panelSometimes known as freezer panels, these nearly one step installation insulated wall panels, reduce building costs and installation time. The panels typically consist of a polyisocyanurate insulation core, chemically bonded and sandwiched between two pre-painted galvanized steel sheets. With a built-in seal in the proprietary tongue and groove style connection, these panels also provide a built-in vapour barrier.

This style of panel is quickly replacing the traditional tilt up concrete or concrete block wall systems. With new building codes demanding insulation performance on commercial and industrial warehousing, this one step system simplifies the entire building process which in turn keeps costs down for the owner.

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